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Pipe Fitting
Power linefitting
Fire system
Casting & forging parts
Dalian Reliable Metal Co.Lltd
As one of the joint-stock factory between dalian reliable industrial co.,ltd and italy company, dalian reliable metal co.,ltd is a professional manufacture factory for soft sealing DIN gate valve …
Dalian Sere Fitting Co.,Ltd,
DALIAN SERE FITTINGS CO.,LTD, which established in 2007 is a China-Italy joint venture . Our company mainly deals with insulator pins and power line fittings manufacturing. The products are mainly …
Dalian Xinmiao Casting Co.,Ltd
As one of the subsidiary factory of Dalia Reliable Industrial Co., Ltd Dalian Xinmiao Casting Co. Ltd., aiming to be the best enterprise in China, is export oriented and diversified in Investment Casting, Duplex Casting…